Success Stories

Replace fear with faith, and anxiety with peace...  


1. Research


Since I received my Doctorate of Ministry from ORU it was an honor to provide noteworthy research data that was derived from 5 1/2 years of studies in pastoral care. Student Leaders can gleam from valuable data that will assist in their mission to impact the world through their dissertation

The research data indicates persons remaining faithful to spiritual practices by attending church experienced reduced anxiety. Another positive variable indicated the educational background of the research recipients reflected the educational background with a high academic standard, 36% were college graduates with 36% of persons practicing pastoral care are involved in the corporate society. Many were seeking more fulfillment in a service oriented field such as pastoral care.


The research reviews indicated that participants anxiety levels were significantly reduced through their responses from the pretest in comparison to the post-test questions. 90% of the participants surveyed were not involved in pastoral care, the training was helpful because it provided a platform and method of assessment to better equipped the participants to serve. After training the participants were able to engage in more community outreach.

“The research reviews indicated that participants anxiety levels were significantly reduced...After training the participants were able to engage in more community outreach”


2. Collaborations


The Hope Church Pearland, Rev., Thaddeus Eastland partnered with Branches Inc., team to implement the Interpathic Personal Pastoral Care (IPPC) research.  The purpose of the research was to help people develop interpathic skills that reduces anxiety and a reluctance to practice pastoral care.

The participants in the research training of IPPC indicated the following; 

“the training sessions produced a deeper depth of spiritual maturity.”

“IPPC was effective in reducing anxiety, breaking human barriers and restoring    interpersonal relationships.” 

“one of the most valuable insights was obtaining an awareness of how a spiritually gifted facilitator revealed meaningful aspects of pastoral care that are overlooked.”

Facilitators:  Cynthia Hayes, Glen Reeves, Chris and Shirley Jackson, Karen Curry and Micheal Curry. 


This project utilized Branches Inc., a 501 (c) 3 organization founded by Dr. Dorothy Smith-Hubbard was organized in1976 with a mission, “to raise up leaders to serve churches in their communities“  their team facilitators built a bridge for the participants to be transformed. The Hope Church staff were trained and taught the materials to their members. Branches Inc., team members analyzed the final data and submitted the findings  to the Pastor at Hope Church Pearland, Pearland, Texas.


3. Book Reviews 


“Great book for Seminar to Train laity or Pastor’s”

—Professor Steve Stratton, Asbury Theological Seminary

"The book is a good teaching tool.”

—Myrtle Foster, HOPE Church Pearland 

"Anxiety is a very important issue in human life. Thanks for taking time to address it and providing the pastoral care providers and teachers such a valuable tool to use as a modus operandi..."

—John Ugobueze, Father / Chaplain at VA Hospital