say no to anxiety

The time is now...


We are so excited about 2018. Each year brings a fresh start; new vision, new opportunities and new sense of motivation. The season calls for reflection and gratitude for all things noble, just, pure, lovely and are of good report. (Philippians 4:8-9)

Last year was hard for a lot of people. It was riddled with events that triggered worry and fear about the present and future. And for some those events and those feelings became some powerful that they   interfered with daily activities and even the decision of whether or not to follow God's call on their life and help others.  Many don't know this - but when worry and fear reaches that level of interference, that condition is defined as anxiety. 

If we allow it, ANXIETY WILL KEEP US STUCK and not moving forward in faith.

WE ALL HAVE a CALLING, a PURPOSE, and a MINISTRY. It begins with our lives and everyone person that we touch.  

That is why it so important to TRAIN OUR MIND in the things of God and EQUIP OURSELVES THROUGH TRAINING to combat worry, defeating, fearful thoughts. 

This year, we can touch hearts and lives like never before. We can INSPIRE OTHERS TO BE COURAGEOUS. This year can be different. This year can be unforgettable...

We will be TRAVELING THE COUNTRY TO PROVIDE COMPREHENSIVE INTERPATHETIC TRAINING to everyone led to serve, lead, love and give. 

Be on the look out for details about upcoming seminars, book signings and special appearances. We will also launch a new website, blog and Facebook page! 

And we could not do this without the love, encouragement and support from our Branches Family. Because of you, we will be able to BRING MESSAGES OF PEACE AND PURPOSE like never before.


Together we will equip, empower and inspire people in churches across this count to get out there and meet people in their time of crisis that they can hear the news about Jesus Christ and his love. Think of the lives we can touch and the lasting ripple effect that will have  or generations and generations to come. 

Lastly, we would be honored if you would be our special guest to our Book Launch and Interpathetcic Training Tour Celebration! Details are below.

For now, be blessed and remain in peace,


Dr. Dorothy Smith- Hubbard

Executive Director, Branches Inc.

Author, Reducing Anxiety of Persons Practicing Pastoral care