Lets Work Together! 

We know that anxiety impacts every person in every walk of life. Together we can help people achieve their goals and dreams and more importantly fulfill the call that God has placed on their life. Our lives are our ministry. When we are operating in clarity, confidence, faith and peace with God spirit leading and guiding us we can change the trajectory of every single life we touch. 

So Join us - There are lots of ways to get involved! We need volunteers, venues, resources, sponsors, and donations to keep spreading the message of peace and hope! 


Interpathetic Training


Dr. Dorothy received her Doctorate of Ministry from Oral Roberts University. She has research data that was derived from 5 1/2 years of studies in pastoral care. Student Leaders can gleam from valuable information that will assist in their mission to impact the world. 

Graduating from Asbury Theological Seminary by obtaining a Masters degree in Leadership and Christian Ministry, she counts the 4 years of Christian Formation and theological training invaluable. Her book provides cutting edge Interpathetic  Pastoral Care insights that is a valuable tool in training your leighty, to reach your ministries full potential.  Contact her today to book a training session or visit the Events page and catch her on tour!

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Speaking Engagements


Dr. Dorothy has a powerful story about overcoming trauma and anxiety in order to step into ministry. Becoming pregnant at 16, dropping out of high school, surviving abusive relationships, and constantly struggling with an overwhelming need for validation kept her "stuck" for many years. As a single mother of 4 children she had a desire to help others but unresolved issues became barriers that blocked her from pursuing her dreams. Now, 35 years later as a Pastor of a Church, holder of a Doctorate of Ministry and Masters Degree and Executive Director of a non-profit called Branches, Inc. she is ready to share what it takes to breakthrough, lead and serve.         More information →


National Book Signing Tour

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Reducing Anxiety in Persons Practicing Pastoral Care through Interpathic Training,” is now available for research students in the following libraries: Oral Roberts University (ORU) Tulsa, OK. Asbury Theological Seminary (ATS) Wilmore, KY.  It's also available througgh Westbow Publishing and Amazon. It would be an honor to come to your organization or place of business and discuss empowering your team to do more community outreach. Contact me today!  

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Women in Leadership


Dr. Dorothy has a passion to help women make the tough choices required to step into destiny. Her passion is to help women become leaders through self discovery, prayer, discipline and training. If your organization serves this purpose or if you would like to work with her, contact us today! More information →